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"Having had a ransomware infection in the past, I know the horrible devastation ransomware can cause. Now I use NeuShield and I can sleep better at night. I would never be without them."

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Remote Techs

Protecting against ransomware attacks with NeuShield Data Sentinel

"For many companies an attack could set them back more than six months. We needed a remediation tool to get our customers up and running quickly. NeuShield gives us that piece of mind."

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“Healthcare security is a continuous cat and mouse game. With new and growing attacks every day from ‘Fully UnDetectable’ threats, it is more important than ever to protect your data with the defensive layer provided by NeuShield.”

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Bottini Accountancy

“For a CPA, customer data is extremely important. This is why we depend on NeuShield Data Sentinel to ensure our customer data is always available and protected against ransomware and other cyberthreats.”

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“At CREC we use NeuShield Data Sentinel to protect student lab computers. We especially like the ability of Data Sentinel to keep our student’s data protected against cyberthreats, which allows us to focus on teaching.”