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NeuShield Uniquely Protects MSP’s Customer Data and Endpoints

"NeuShield not only protects MSPs and their customers from cyber breaches like malware and ransomware, but it also saves them many tech support hours that they can now spend on more productive projects while providing better customer service."

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Central Computer & Networks

Using NeuShield to Protect its Client’s Systems and Data

"We installed NeuShield Data Sentinel, hoping it would deliver on the company’s promises, and it did just that!"

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Protecting on-the-go senior executives against ransomware attacks

"Security is not absolute, but knowing that NeuShield is there in the background in case something was to make it through, helps me sleep at night."

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Remote Techs

Protecting against ransomware attacks with NeuShield Data Sentinel

"For many companies an attack could set them back more than six months. We needed a remediation tool to get our customers up and running quickly. NeuShield gives us that peace of mind."

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Protecting against ransomware attacks and preventing lasting damage

"Having had a ransomware infection in the past, I know the horrible devastation ransomware can cause. Now I use NeuShield and I can sleep better at night. I would never be without them."

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EFS Enterprises

Used NeuShield to recover from remote attacker installing ransomware

"I’m just glad we have NeuShield to protect us. We’ve installed it on all of our systems, and now we have peace of mind knowing our business won’t be disrupted by similar attacks. As a business owner, it’s worth its weight in gold."

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HST Pathways

Keeping files protected from the latest known and unknown malware threats

"The cost of ransomware cleanup can easily run into the millions. Our company now has peace of mind, knowing NeuShield’s defensive shield will protect our data from ransomware. Our business operations are also protected from long downtimes, with Data Sentinel’s one-button retrieval that brings data back in minutes."

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Randolph Community College

Protecting remote workers and preparing to get back up and running quickly in case of a ransomware attack

"Compared to other solutions, NeuShield Data Sentinel was very affordable, and the solution is so unique, they really have a first mover advantage."

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