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Data Engrams for Documents

Use Data Engrams to Rollback to Previous Versions of a File


Roll Files Back to Previous Versions

Sometimes a file is changed that later needs to be undone. For example a slide in a PowerPoint presentation that was previously removed needs to be added back or a paragraph that was removed from a document need to be restored.

NeuShield uses a technology called Data Engrams™ to store multiple copies of a file allowing you to view or rollback to previous versions of a file.

  • Stores multiple revisions of a file
  • Preserves file name, and modified date and time
  • Supports most file types, including: graphic files, documents, spreadsheets, data files, video files, CAD files, and more

Offline Version History

When using NeuShield, Data Engrams continue to be stored even when you are offline or not connected to the Internet.

  • Version history continues to be updated on files that are edited offline
  • Files can be rolled back to previous versions even without an Internet connection

View Previous Versions of a File

NeuShield enables visibility into file history, allowing you to track and view changes over time.

  • Integration with Windows Explorer for ease of use
  • Shows file name changes
  • Tracks and displays file size changes over time