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NeuShield Data Sentinel is updated periodically. However, it doesn’t need to be updated to recover your files. Our patent pending technology allows you to undo or 'revert' any unintentional or undesired change. This allows you to stay protected from the latest threats without constant updating.

Antivirus software is only able to block ransomware and other threats it can detect. Undetected ransomware cannot be blocked. However, NeuShield Data Sentinel uses Mirror Shielding™ technology to add a protective shield to your important files allowing you to recover from a ransomware attack even if the ransomware program itself cannot be detected.

There is a “free” edition of Data Sentinel that you can download by clicking here.


You must have the Premium edition of Data Sentinel before you can use the revisions feature. Files can only be restored to a different revision if they are in a protected folder.

To restore a file open Windows Explorer and browse to the file you wish to restore. Right-click on the file and select ‘Properties’. Then open the ‘NeuShield’ tab, select the revision of the file you wish to restore and press ‘Restore’.

File Restore

When NeuShield Data Sentinel detects an attack, it will show a toaster notification and the radar on the 'Overview' page will turn red.

Data Sentinel must be running for you to access your protected files. If you turned NeuShield off, you would be unable to access protected files the same way that turning off encryption software would prevent you from accessing encrypted files. Alternatively, you can remove protection from specified files and folders, or uninstall NeuShield Data Sentinel to disable it.

NeuShield Data Sentinel supports three versions of Windows, including both 32bit and 64bit of each: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

All editions of Windows 7 are supported, including: Starter, Home Basic, Home, Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Internet Explorer 11 and KB4054518 are required on Windows 7.

For Windows 8.1 the Basic, Pro and Enterprise editions are supported. KB2999226 is required for Windows 8.1. The RT and ARM versions of Windows 8.1 are not supported.

All editions of Windows 10 that run on x86 and x64 processers are supported, including: Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, Education, Pro Education, Enterprise, and Enterprise LTSB. Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 S are not supported.

The revision history in NeuShield Data Sentinel is like what Google docs has, with a few exceptions. First of all, Data Sentinel supports revision history on all file types. Secondly, Data Sentinel is not limited to specific folders but can support revision history on virtually any data folder. Finally, Data Sentinel adds a shield to your files to directly protect them from ransomware or other undesired changes.

NeuShield Data Sentinel can protect any file type up to a maximum file size of 1 GB. The total cumulative size of protected files supported is 2 TBs.

No. Currently NeuShield Data Sentinel only supports Windows. Drop us a note if you would like a Mac or Linux version.

No. NeuShield Data Sentinel only supports NTFS partitions.

No. Windows Servers are not supported at this time.

No. NeuShield Data Sentinel only protects files on local fixed drives.

No. NeuShield Data Sentinel only protects files on local fixed drives.

During normal usage the radar is random with only two of the dots affected by the amount of disk activity. However, when there is a boot (MBR) ransomware detected the radar will change to red for a while to indicate that there was an attack blocked.


It is possible to use the “free” edition of Data Sentinel without a NeuShield account, but to use the “premium” features you will need a NeuShield account.

For optimal use of Data Sentinel is it important to create a NeuShield account. You need a NeuShield account to gain access to the “premium” features of Data Sentinel. With your NeuShield account you can manage your Data Sentinel clients, track your license usage and report on the status of each Data Sentinel install. The account also allows you to switch the license from one device to another in case a device is lost or needs to be replaced.

You can sign in to your NeuShield account using either Office 365 or Windows Live authentication using a Windows Live account. However, if you use the Office 365 account, you must sign in using Office 365 account authentication due to its security limitation.

Currently, NeuShield portal provides a centralized view for all devices protected by Data Sentinel and allows you to activate or remove “premium” features.

You can reset your NeuShield account password by clicking the link 'I forgot my password' on the portal login page. An email will be sent to your registered email address. To make sure that the email is not marked as spam you can add to your contact list. Follow the instructions on the email message you receive to reset the password.

To remove a device from your account, sign into the NeuShield portal, locate the device on the 'My Protected Devices' tab, and remove it from your account on the 'Protection' tab. That device will be reset back to the “free” edition the next time it checks in.


Our subscription plan allows you to enable Data Sentinel's “premium” features to fully protect your devices. Log in to your NeuShield account (or create a new account if you don't yet have one) and navigate to 'My Account' panel to subscribe or renew your subscription. If you don't have a valid license, or your subscription is about to expire there will be option to allows you to subscribe or renew your subscription. Alternatively, you can contact your distributor or reseller for other subscription or renewal options.

You can activate Data Sentinel's “premium” features through your NeuShield account if you have a valid subscription or license key. There are two ways to upgrade your clients to “premium”.

First, you can do this by clicking the 'Upgrade to Premium' button on your client. This will open your web browser to the NeuShield web page. From there you can select the 'Add My Client' option and log into your NeuShield account. Once you log in you can follow the onscreen instructions to add your client to the account and enable the “premium” features.

Alternatively, you can navigate to 'Activate New Data Sentinel' panel from your NeuShield account and generate an activation code. Entering this activation code on Data Sentinel client will enable the “premium” features.

The expiration date of your subscription period is based on your license agreement, which can be a pre-determined date, or a future date extended to your existing subscription period. You can see the expiration date by logging on to your NeuShield account and navigating to the 'My Account' tab.

No. The one-time evaluation subscription is only provided to our selected business customers and cannot be extended. Please choose the period required for making your purchase decision before you request your evaluation period. After your evaluation period expires, the devices will revert to the “free” edition of Data Sentinel. If you decide to purchase, you can upgrade the devices back to the “premium” edition.