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Using File Lockdown

Most ransomware programs will attack a system once and then stop after successfully infecting the system. The goal of the attack is to get you to pay. However, some more aggressive types of ransomware will continually re-encrypt files to prevent possible remediation from occurring. WannaCry is one example of an aggressive ransomware program that does this.

If you recover your files from a backup or use NeuShield’s Mirror Shielding™ to revert the files they will just get re-encrypted by the ransomware. In addition, it can take time for antivirus or endpoint security products to remove the ransomware from your computer. If, in the meantime, you need access to your files or documents you may be out of luck!

This is where File Lockdown comes in.


With NeuShield Data Sentinel’s File Lockdown feature, you can have safe access to reverted files and temporarily prevent file modification by ransomware for a specified amount of time. File Lockdown will temporarily block write access to protected files preventing them from being modified during an active attack from Fully UnDetectable (FUD) ransomware. This allows you to safely access your files even before the system has been fully cleaned.