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NeuShield Announces Partnership with ICA Sistemas y Seguridad

NeuShield Data Sentinel integration into the ICA Sistemas y Seguridad SIEM managed service provides the data protections customers need from ransomware breaches

FREMONT, California () — NeuShield, developers of the world’s first mirror shielding technology, today announced a partnership with ICA Sistemas y Seguridad. NeuShield’s Data Sentinel, which enables the instant recovery of devices and data files when other malware defenses fail, will be integrated into ICA Sistemas y Seguridad’s SIEM managed service. ICA Sistemas y Seguridad customers can deploy NeuShield to protect their systems and data, with immediate recovery from malware attacks.

NeuShield Data Sentinel integration is a key component to ICA Sistemas y Seguridad’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT):

  • Adds a quick recovery solution to ICA Sistemas y Seguridad’s security offerings
  • Simplifies recovery workflow, by integrating and centrally managing prevention, recovery, and security events
  • Reduces customer downtime through automation and rapid recovery

“The partnership with ICA Sistemas y Seguridad enhances our strategy to have our products deployed by small and medium-sized businesses,” states Yuen Pin Yeap, CEO at NeuShield. “Many SMBs don’t have in-house expertise to secure, manage and support their own infrastructure. For these companies, managed service providers, like ICA Sistemas y Seguridad, are great technology partners, providing the most appropriate managed technology with proven value.”

Ransomware is one of the largest security concerns for any company, and SMEs are particularly vulnerable, because they don’t have the security expertise or budgets of larger enterprises. The integration of NeuShield into the ICA Sistemas y Seguridad SIEM provides a high-value differentiated service offering. The quick recovery features from NeuShield helps customers avoid catastrophic downtime due to ransomware.

“Through this partnership with NeuShield, ICA Sistemas y Seguridad provides a new and innovative protection and recovery solution to the European market,” states Alberto Canadas, Cybersecurity Presales and Business Development Manager at ICA Sistemas y Seguridad. “This is especially compelling in today’s digital technology climate, where cybersecurity has become so prevalent. The ability to have a one-click restore following a ransomware, or any malware attack, is game-changing.”

As a leading provider of IT protection and infrastructure services, ICA Sistemas y Seguridad understands the value of integrating innovative technology solutions. Their SIEM managed service is a valued approach that incorporates multiple security products and services, and combines their data with the management of security information and events. NeuShield integration provides immediate protection and recovery if a bad actor gets past malware defenses, like antivirus and anti-ransomware.

NeuShield Data Sentinel is unique because it provides another layer of protection beyond what other ransomware solutions offer. NeuShield’s data recovery allows organizations to proactively defend their data utilizing Mirror Shielding to protect files, and ensure instant data recovery. This new approach allows companies to instantly recover from any unknown or zero-day threat, because NeuShield safeguards the data, rather than trying to identify specific threats.

About NeuShield

NeuShield delivers a completely revolutionary approach to data protection. Rather than trying to detect and block threats one-by-one, the company’s patent-pending NeuShield Data Sentinel product shields important data to prevent threats from modifying it. Business and consumers use NeuShield Data Sentinel as a simple, reliable and budget-friendly way to revert digital files and devices to their pre-attack state when other malware defenses, like antivirus and anti-ransomware, fail. For additional information, visit neushield.com or connect with us on Twitter @NeuShield.

About ICA Sistemas y Seguridad

ICA Sistemas y Seguridad is a Spanish leader IT Security company, part of the European holding Grupo ICA, focused on cybersecurity advanced services related to IT, IoT and OT technologies, with high added value.

Our managed security services and managed detection and response services are the basis of protection for large enterprises, SME and Public Administration. ICA Sistemas y Seguridad ‘s Security Operations Center (SOC) with high skilled professionals with more than 15 years’ experience are your best cyber army.

For additional information, visit www.grupoica.com or connect with us on twitter @ICA_SyS.

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