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NeuShield Establishes Leadership in Rapid Data Recovery from Cyber Threats

NeuShield had a record year in 2022 with the SC Media innovation award, partnerships in cyber insurance, and new datacenters product offering

FREMONT, California () — NeuShield, developers of the world’s first Mirror Shielding™ technology, demonstrated continued momentum in 2022 through awards, new product innovations, strategic partnerships and a dedicated enterprise sales force.

On the heels of being named a 2021 Fast Company Most Innovative Company, NeuShield’s 2022 highlights include:

  • Winning the SC Awards in Excellence for Best Emerging Technology
  • Winning CRN®’s 2022 Emerging Vendors award
  • Releasing groundbreaking Datacenter Edition for protecting and recovering Microsoft SQL Server data
  • Developing innovative technology designed to alert users of ransomed data even from unknown and undetectable threats
  • Acquiring a new dedicated enterprise sales force through partners
  • Partnering with insurance companies to help customers instantly recover from ransomware attacks

Hugh Wood Canada Ltd., a leading broker in cyber insurance is partnering with NeuShield to help customers get proactive about their cyber security in order to establish good cyber hygiene and be insurable. Using NeuShield’s Mirror Shielding technology, customers will be able to recover instantly from any attacks proven undetectable in organizations no matter how sophisticated their security controls. NeuShield’s patented Mirror Shielding technology is unique in that it protects customer data without needing to leverage traditional backup technology.

Increased frequency and severity of cyber-attacks have led insurers to increase the IT security and data protection requirements for cyber insurance, as well as increase the premium charged for coverage; often removing coverage grants as well. This leaves companies struggling to secure cyber insurance at commercially viable terms, if at all. NeuShield can assist in securing cyber insurance because it offers the ability to easily recover from any ransomware attack and ensure business continuity through certainty of recovery, and the best time to value in the industry.

Currently, customer’s alternatives are essentially to live without cyber insurance and rely on endpoint security to block an attack, or use backup to recover from attacks that get through. Patented NeuShield Mirror Shielding technology can recover from a ransomware attack instantly. NeuShield recovers original data and removes threats from the endpoint allowing customer’s recovery of original data faster than any solution on the market.

“Many customers cannot even qualify for cyber insurance based on their security posture,” said Kyle Nichols, President of Hugh Wood Canada. “We are excited to partner with NeuShield on this unique and powerful endpoint solution to help customers gain access to cyber insurance.”

About Hugh Wood Canada

Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. is part of the HWI Group of Companies; with 220+ employees across 16 offices worldwide we provide international insurance solutions to commercial and individual clients. Our Cyber Practice is dedicated to bringing expertise and experience to our clients empowering them to make more informed business decisions across their risk management and insurance portfolio. For additional information about cyber insurance and cyber insurance requirements please contact Tendai Moyo Cyber Practice Lead for Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. tmoyo@hwcanada.com and visit https://hwinternational.com/ca/insurance/commercial-insurance/cyber-data-insurance/

About NeuShield

NeuShield delivers a completely revolutionary approach to data protection. Rather than trying to detect and block threats one-by-one, the company’s patented NeuShield Data Sentinel product shields important data to prevent threats from modifying it. Business and consumers use NeuShield Data Sentinel as a simple, reliable and budget-friendly way to revert digital files and devices to their pre-attack state when other malware defenses, like antivirus and anti-ransomware, fail. For additional information, visit neushield.com or connect with us on Twitter @NeuShield.

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