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NeuShield Gives User’s Time to Deal with Ransomware on Their Own Terms

• Gives customers unlimited time to recover the original, pre-breach data
• Continues to protect data even when the user is away from the office or on vacation

FREMONT, California () — NeuShield, developers of the world’s first mirror shielding technology for instant data and file recovery, today announced a significant feature update to indefinitely hold file changes within an overlay, until the changes are proven to be good, before saving them back to disk. This new feature provides visibility into changes made to user files, enabling users to prevent ransomware encrypted data from being written to disk.

Data Sentinel ensures ransomware will never be saved to disk, by conducting analysis to determine if data has been encrypted. NeuShield’s innovative one-click restore capability fundamentally eliminates a ransom threat. It effectively removes the loss of time and resources associated with rebuilding and restoring systems and data impacted by a ransomware breach.

The new feature analyzes data on a mirrored overlay, and identifies previously unencrypted data from data newly encrypted. There is no specific time interval for saving data back to disk. The user can carefully assess if the data is safe. If they find encrypted data determined as ransomware, they can remove it with a single click.

“We’ve been using Data Sentinel for months now, and because it’s installed on all of our computers, we have confidence that no ransomware-encrypted data will ever be committed to disk,” said Jason Chang, CEO at MSSP Varpath. “This is a very innovative approach to data protection and recovery, that allows us to respond to a ransomware breach on our terms. I particularly like the built-in flexibility. We can validate the data every few hours if we choose. Or, if an employee is on vacation for a week, and Data Sentinel detects ransomware, it can be removed after they return and restored to the pre-attack data.”

In the event of a ransomware breach, there are multiple ways users are alerted, including Windows Notification, within the Data Sentinel interface, when the computer is rebooted, and via email. When alerted, they now have the time to call authorities and conduct a thorough incident investigation.

“Time is a highly-valued resource in the aftermath of a ransomware breach,” states Yuen Pin Yeap, CEO at NeuShield. “Now users have time to undo the ransomware changes, and revert their data back to pre-breach status. Cybersecurity has become so prevalent. The ability to have one-click to revert after the user has validated the encrypted data gives them the control they need.”

The new feature is free with Data Sentinel and existing customers can download it with the product update later this month.

About NeuShield

NeuShield delivers a completely revolutionary approach to data protection. Rather than trying to detect and block threats one-by-one, the company’s patent-pending NeuShield Data Sentinel product shields important data to prevent threats from modifying it. Business and consumers use NeuShield Data Sentinel as a simple, reliable and budget-friendly way to revert digital files and devices to their pre-attack state when other malware defenses, like antivirus and anti-ransomware, fail. For additional information, visit neushield.com or connect with us on Twitter @NeuShield.

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