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NeuShield Unveils Revolutionary Exfiltration Protection for SQL Databases

Datacenter Edition which protects and recovers Microsoft SQL now prevents data from being exfiltrated

FREMONT, California () — NeuShield, developers of the world’s first Mirror Shielding™ technology, today announced an update of NeuShield Data Sentinel Datacenter Edition that prevents a remote attacker from stealing database files from Microsoft SQL.

Hackers have adopted new strategies wherein they not only hold victim’s data hostage, but also engage in data theft for the purpose of extortion. Within corporate environments, significant amounts of highly valuable and confidential information are stored in local databases. Safeguarding the data from theft and unauthorized access is as important as shielding from ransomware attacks.

Companies often face issues with purchasing and deploying solutions to prevent data leakage due to their high cost, complexity, and management overhead. They typically require extensive configuration and customization. Moreover, managing these solutions generates significant data and alerts, burdening IT teams. Consequently, companies are often deterred from adopting existing solutions to prevent data leakage. With NeuShield’s Datacenter Edition companies can now easily protect their data from being stolen and corrupted without the high cost of management overhead.

“’The Datacenter Edition has proven to be a resounding success,” said Yuen Pin Yeap, CEO at NeuShield. “We have witnessed a significant surge in interest from our valued existing customers as well as prospective clients. By incorporating the ability to prevent data leakage, we can now complete two of the foundational pillars of data protection, namely data availability and confidentiality.”

NeuShield Data Sentinel is unique because it provides another layer of protection beyond what competitive ransomware solutions offer. NeuShield’s anti-ransomware technology allows organizations to recover damaged data without a backup utilizing Mirror Shielding to protect files and ensure instant recovery of important data. This new approach allows customers to instantly recover from any unknown or zero-day threat because NeuShield protects the data, rather than trying to find specific threats, and without requiring signatures or continuous updates.

NeuShield’s Datacenter Edition already includes functionality to prevent an attacker from encrypting or ransoming the database data. NeuShield Datacenter Edition can now protect the Microsoft SQL Server database files from remote or local attackers attempting to steal the data. The Datacenter Edition supports protecting large amounts of data per volume, up to 64 TBs of protected data per-volume.

“The revolutionary capability to safeguard our databases against data exfiltration is truly remarkable, both for myself and my clients,” said Angus Button, Co-Founder of Disruptech Technology Solutions. “I am thrilled to offer this cutting-edge technology to my customers, enabling them to effectively combat the increased danger of data loss through exfiltration. With the ever-changing threat landscape, I can always count on NeuShield to adapt and provide a reliable defense against emerging threats.”

This new update for Datacenter Edition is available immediately and will be sold as part of NeuShield Data Sentinel through NeuShield’s partner network. For more information, see the NeuShield Data Sentinel Product page.

About NeuShield

NeuShield delivers a completely revolutionary approach to data protection. Rather than trying to detect and block threats one-by-one, the company’s patented NeuShield Data Sentinel product shields important data to prevent threats from modifying it. Business and consumers use NeuShield Data Sentinel as a simple, reliable and budget-friendly way to revert digital files and devices to their pre-attack state when other malware defenses, like antivirus and anti-ransomware, fail. For additional information, visit neushield.com or connect with us on Twitter @NeuShield.

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