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Restores Operating System and Applications

Reverts Operating System Files and Settings Back to a Known Good State


Restores Operating System

In today’s complex computing environment there are any number of things that can cause your whole computer or even just an application to stop working. It could come from a Microsoft patch, a system setting change or the introduction of ransomware or other malware. Have you ever wanted to simply make your computer work the way it did before?

NeuShield’s One-Click Restore capabilities make it easy to undo changes to your system allowing you to quickly regain access to your computer, applications, and data.

  • Restores system back to a known good state
  • Recovers encrypted and corrupted operating system files
  • Removes known and unknown threats

Removes Unknown Malware

Using One-Click Restore can revert the system back in time and remove virtually any known or unknown malware program from your computer.

  • Removes known and unknown malware programs
  • Restores system settings modified by malware
  • Restores the user’s desktop background

Removes Faulty Patches or Incorrect System Settings

NeuShield is able to revert the system back in time, removing faulty patches, unstable device drivers or undesired system settings.

  • Returns system to a previous state
  • Removes applications, patches or drivers that were installed
  • Restores system registry keys