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Reseller Community

At NeuShield, our channel partners are the life of our business. We are a channel-focused organization that is dedicated to equipping our channel partners with everything needed for a successful partnership, including sales, marketing, and technical resources. Our channel partner program delivers outstanding profitability opportunities through discounts, training and marketing resources to help your business.

We go beyond volume-based sales to let you choose the level of involvement that fits your business.

How NeuShield Can Help You!



We equip you with everything needed to help you sell to and support your customers.


We secure your customers from ransomware and cybersecurity threats using Mirror Shielding&#8482 technology.



We empower your customers with online management that can remotely repair a computer.



We offer specialized partner programs suitable for any sized reseller designed to help you succeed.

Our Technology

Over the past few years Ransomware has grown to become one of the largest problems in cybersecurity. Even, the FBI has identified ransomware as one of the four main factors impacting modern organizations. Traditional ransomware protection is often ineffective in stopping new or unknown attacks.

NeuShield takes a different approach by making an attacker believe they have access to a computer’s original data files, but they are in fact only seeing a mirror image of them. Even if a device is attacked by Fully UnDetecable (FUD) or zero-day ransomware, the user can easily recover the original files.

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The opportunities are endless when partnering with NeuShield. We are dedicated to your success and will provide you with the technical, sales, and marketing support you need to ramp up quickly. Sign up now to become a NeuShield Partner, and we can get you up and running quickly.

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