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Product Integrations

NeuShield partners with industry-leading technology companies to develop integrations for stronger security, easier deployments, and better interoperability in your IT environments. IT management is no small task, so we make sure our technology integrations provide you with automation, control, and visibility.

You can ensure a strong security posture across your broader IT environment by integrating technologies in your ecosystem. We make it easy to leverage NeuShield’s security platform to secure your applications and data.

We continually partner with new companies to offer the most desired and innovative integrations.

How NeuShield Can Help You!


We secure data by protecting it from ransomware and cybersecurity threats using Mirror Shielding&#8482 technology.



We empower users with online management that can easily repair a computer with a single click.



We offer specialized partner programs suitable for any company designed to strengthen integrations.



We reduce the time it takes to recover data by allowing protected files to be reverted in near real-time.

Remote Monitoring & Management

NeuShield integrates into Kaseya’s VSA network and endpoint management solution to offer streamlined deployment, simplified management and comprehensive monitoring.

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