Win the War on Ransomware

NeuShield Data Sentinel is more than a detect-and-deter solution. We’re the only anti-ransomware technology to recover your damaged data from malicious software attacks. You’ll be back in business—fast.

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Restores Your:

  • Personal Information
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Cloud Storage
  • Financial Data
  • Client Information
  • Business Documents

From ALL ransomware attacks.

No matter how or why your data was destroyed, we can get it back! NeuShield Data Sentinel works at the file system layer to restore the latest version of your data.

It’s fast, easy, and affordable—perfect for personal, home, and small-business users.

NeuShield Data Sentinel




Mirror Shielding

Protects data against ransomware, targeted, zero-day, and unknown threats attempting to encrypt or lock your files

Boot Protection

Prevents ransomware from making your system unable to boot

Disk Wipe Protection

Blocks wipers from removing or destroying all data on your hard drive

My Documents and Desktop Folder Protection

Protects files in the My Documents and desktop folders

Microsoft OneDrive Protection

Protects files on Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud Drive Protection

Protects files on Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, DropBox and Box Sync

Pictures, Music and Videos Folder Protection

Protects files in the Pictures, Music and Videos folder

File Lockdown

Allows safe access to files even before system is cleaned

Customized Folder Protection

Protects files on any local folder you specify

Revision History using Data Engrams

Stores up to 7 revisions of protected files

Cloud Management

Manages the Data Sentinel client(s) from the cloud