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Data Security for Servers

Shields Critical Data on Servers to Prevent Corruption or Damage


Protects Network Shares

Many companies use a network share for collaboration and data storage. This simplifies backup procedures and centralizes important data. However it also helps attackers because it gives them a single place to find all critical data. For instance, ransomware programs will search the network looking for shared files to encrypt.

With NeuShield you have the ability to protect and recover files on your server’s network share.

  • Recovers files from a network share that were accidentally (or maliciously) deleted or corrupted
  • Rolls back data to a known good state to recover from ransomware or other attacks
  • Keeps multiple revisions of files allowing you to revert to previous file versions

Disk and Boot Protection

Some types of destructive malware, such as NotPetya, Bad Rabbit, and Shamoon, will attempt to encrypt or wipe your entire disk. With NeuShield the boot portion of your drive and raw disk access are monitored.

  • Prevents malicious programs from taking over the boot process
  • Stops wiper malware from erasing all data on the hard drive

Virtually No Performance Impact

NeuShield’s patented Mirror Shielding™ technology doesn’t require a backup procedure, so there is virtually no impact on server performance when running or downtime during recovery.

  • No overhead (IOPS) when reading protected files
  • Remarkably little overhead when writing to protected files (i.e. almost imperceptible even with expensive disk testing utilities)
  • High performance data engine that can make decisions about critical files in significantly less than 1ms with virtually no CPU overhead
  • Tiny memory footprint (typically uses less than 10MBs of RAM)