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Thank you for your interest in NeuShield Data Sentinel Business!

Our mission is to ensure that data can always be recovered instantly, without a backup, from any ransomware attack or accidental data corruption or deletion even if the computer has no Internet connection. We bridge the gap between your security product and your backup product.

NeuShield Data Sentinel Business provides effective data protection against ransomware because changes are never made directly to your protected files. Even changes from zero-day or unknown ransomware can be reverted.

Let us know how to reach out to you for a trial license of the product. Or, if you prefer, we can setup a time to meet with you and give you a product demo.

Once you request a trial, we’ll contact you asap to send the license key for NeuShield Data Sentinel Business. You will need to create a NeuShield account to use the license key.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are happy to provide any help that we can.

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